Appraisals By Dana, LLC.

Recent Health Issues

AppraisalsByDana, LLC Inspection Protocol

Due to recent health concerns AppraisalsByDana, LLC has issued the following Observation/Inspection protocol for all properties.

  1. An appraisal requires a floor plan sketch. If one is available, please email it to the appraiser prior to the inspection at the appraiser’s email address. (
  2. The appraiser will wear gloves, and disposable booties while inside the home.
  3. A “Social Distancing” of 6’ from the appraiser is requested. No physical contact will be made between the appraiser and the Realtor/Occupants/Or Other people in or on the property grounds. No handshakes! No fist bumps. The inspection will be completed as quickly as possible to minimize exposure.
  4. The appraiser will not make physical contact with any interior surfaces in the home. This includes doorknobs and light switches. All lights must be turned on.
  5. The appraiser will not open any doors. All doors to all interior rooms must be opened prior to the appraiser’s inspection. All garage doors and fence gates must be opened prior to an inspection.
  6. Every room must be inspected and photographed. This is a lender requirement.
  7. No information in written form will be handed to the appraiser. No information from the appraiser will be given. A business card will be displayed for your information however the appraiser will not give out a card to anyone at the time of the observation/inspection.
  8. All information on the home’s condition, upgrades, remodel, etc. must be emailed to the appraiser at
  9. All pets must be secured and/or removed from the home. There must be no contact with pets!
  10. The appraiser will not use a lock-box or keys to gain entry into a home.

If any of these procedures or protocols are violated, the appraiser will immediately stop the inspection and leave the premises. The appraisal will be canceled. The appraiser’s client will be billed a Trip Fee of $200.

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